Technology Expository Essay

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How Technology Affects Our Lives Christopher David McCray COM 150 January 20, 2012 Karen Shively How Technology Affects Our Lives Have you ever wondered how much different life would be without the continued study and advancement in technology? A lot of conveniences that we now know and cannot imagine living without make our lives easier and more comfortable. Technology is helping the world stay connected and grow at an alarming rate. Today technology is being used in ways that were not imaginable thirty to forty years ago. Technology is now being used to make advances in the field of medicine, fine better ways to produce clean energy, and needless to say it creating a more efficient and effective work force.…show more content…
Having the advantage of being able to send email long distances helps keep down on the cost of overpriced long distance calling. Who would have thought sending mail almost instantly would be possible decades ago. Technology continues to shape our work lives’ as well as our personal lives’, and we are seeing the changes of technology on a more rapid pace. The change technology has bought to society has not only effected the way we communicate, but it also effects the way we learn. Today learning is made easier, more convenient, and more attainable that ever before. With tools such as the computers, notebooks, and tablets (desktop and laptop computers) with internet access and different forms of software, people today have unlimited information at their fingertips at any given time of the day. Learning never has to stop when technology is only a second a way. An individual no longer has to spend countless hours at the library to do research, they can simply log onto the internet. Technology has made and is continuing to make learning more fun to many individuals, encouraging them to further pursue learning opportunities. Technology not only helps up learn and make learning more convenient for those of us with busy lives but it also influences the way we live; and I mean this in the most literal way. Technological advances throughout history have changed our healthcare system. We
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