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5 crazy technologies that could be available by 2025 (-- removed HTML --)

Over the past couple of decades technology has grown in leaps and bounds. We’ve gone from clunky computers and dial-up internet to a computer the size of a phone and 3G internet. We’ve made incredible medical advances, and we’re finally also starting to use our technology to better help our planet, but there’s still so much to create, discover, and learn about. Here are some crazy technologies that could be available by 2025.
1. Widespread use of solar panels
Alternative energy is a huge area of contention for a lot of people. The world currently relies so heavily on fossil fuels that switching to other forms of energy means that many people will lose jobs.
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That will change in the coming years as more people buy electric cars and pressure is put on cities to create more spots for charging. On top of electric cars, however, we will also have 3D printed ones. Audi has already created their own 3D printed mini car, but Local Motors is taking orders for their full sized 3D printed car. There are two different versions of the car that you can get. One is called the Reload Swim (which is the more regular looking car) and the other is the Reload Sport (which is the sports car version). These cars will also be electric. Imagine a future where your car doesn’t harm the environment or create air pollution. It could be a whole new world.

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3. Everything connected to the internet
If you think that everything is connected to the internet already, just wait until 2025. By 2025, estimates are that there will be over a trillion different sensors connected to the internet. This will take the form of clothes and other wearable tech for instance. Approximately about 10% of people by 2022 will be wearing clothing that connects to the internet. Other things like your home will go online. You can already view your security cameras and change your thermostat using different apps, but with voice technology like Alexa from Amazon you’ll do all that and so much more
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