Technology For The Greater Good

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Igor Stepanov
Professor Simental
English 1A
15 April, 2015
Technology for the Greater Good Some say that technology is the evil that will overcome humanity, others say it is something that will lead us to a new way of thinking about the world. In the book Remix by Catherine Latterell, she writes three assumptions about technology: Technologies are machines, technologies bring progress or peril, and technology is neutral. These assumptions are what some people make about the technology. In Latterell’s book there was an article by Langdon Winner who wrote “Technology Somnambulism” which was about how in the modern world we are being controlled by technology, we change the way we live because of technology. Now given the assumptions that Latterell gives, technology can really be seen as something that is good for the world because it can teach us how to be a better socializer, speeds up the process of doing things, and allows a new kind of learning tool for future generations. A study at a Dominican University of California was done, were they monitored teenagers’ social cognitive effects of technology and had learned that texting will be used by the left side of the brain which controls the skills for math and logic. Because of texting the teenagers are working out their left side of the brain. Although texting can be addicted to some teenagers, for others it is a way that they can identify. Likewise, Ives a student who was had written an academic journal for their Degree

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