Technology Giant- Adobe Corporation

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In 2013, technology giant Adobe Corporation faced the biggest security disaster in its history; computer hackers stole three million customer credit card records including source codes from various Adobe products. This disaster shows what may happen to technology companies and how they may face reputational challenge as well as financial risk if computer system is not secured. Security disasters between Adobe and cloud computing environments have numerous differences. Security disasters in cloud computing environments can destroy all of the user data which can eventually destroy the business of that particular company. Cloud computing extends the context of technology beyond the imagination; it can be described as a large number of connected computers which can be accessed through the internet which has numerous benefits, such as storing data, collaborating with a team, saving time and saving money. As technological business is evolving rapidly, security concerns become the biggest headache for corporate leaders and also become a large area to research. Eventually, most of the corporate data centers are being replaced by this new computing environment and have become a most cost effective enterprise computer network for all kinds of users from corporate to personal. An increased number of cloud computing networks have huge security challenges. Giant technology companies like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon are aware of the transition of cloud computing environment and
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