Technology Has A Destructive Effect On Socialization Of Young Adults And Their Lack Of Traditional Socialization

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An ever changing world, lead by advances in technology has affected communication at the very core of its structural use as tool for socialization of younger generations. This paper examines the findings of multiple articles, surveys, and studies verifying the negative effects of technology on communication of young adults and their lack of traditional socialization. The availability of cell phones and computers with internet connectivity has generally been associated with a decline in communication with family members, deteriorating effects on the quality of information being communicated and an inability for empathy or deep emotional connections.
The authors hypothesize that an increase in the use of communications technology has a destructive effect on socialization of modern youth. The effects range from disassociation from humanity and de humanization of social interaction. Change in neurological systems, identified in loss of concentration, instant gratification and increased frustration from traditional face to face interface is driving social disconnect and creating a virtual existence. An existence based upon limited information, gathered primarily through text based transmission. Limits placed upon self and social understanding hinder the capability to actively engage in human interaction and change socialization patterns to adapt to an ever changing world.
The Base of Socialization
Families are an important part of the social structure, maintain
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