Technology Has A Negative Influence On The Social Life Of Individuals

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Within our society, technology plays a critical role in our everyday lives. Its prevalence within our environment has ultimately resulted in the change of pedagogical practice. This new age of teaching has demonstrated that technology is in many ways, beneficial within the classroom environment. This paper will consider how technology can support the needs of children with special needs, making learning more relatable and effective. Furthermore, technology also has an influence upon the social and emotional wellbeing of children. Learning has become more accessible and may facilitate learning within students that traditional pedagogy may not reach. Nonetheless, despite technology bestowing certain benefits that adhere to the effectiveness…show more content…
As outlined by Ciampa (2017), “technology is assistive insofar as it allows a student with disabilities to accomplish tasks that would otherwise be difficult or impossible” (p. 86). It is a tool that can empower and provide children the opportunity to explore an educational journey that they may not otherwise be able to. Therefore, it becomes clear that making learning more accessible and dynamic using technology is an important part of pedagogical practice, especially when supporting children with special needs. Supporting children’s social development is another advantage of using technology. Although it has always been argued that children’s development of social skills is hindered by technology since it reduces the opportunity of interacting with others (Armstrong & Casement, 2000), technology does facilitate children’s social development through enhancing children’s interaction and collaboration with peers (Hsin, Li, & Tsai, 2014). Children are not passive users of technology. When children are encouraged to complete game tasks on tablets or computers, they collaborate and share ideas with their peers to finish the tasks. Through collaboration and sharing with peers, children can become strong in their social and emotional wellbeing, which is the key to the sense of being, becoming, and belonging (Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations [DEEWR], 2009). Children can gradually become confident
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