Technology Has A Positive Or Negative Impact On Social Interactions?

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Society is becoming increasingly more dependent upon the evolution of technology for their communicative inclinations with mediums such as the printing press, the internet, cell phones, and televisions, though not limited to such. In parallel, its progressive ease of access prompts for habitual consistencies. Furthermore, it conjures up disagreements on how technology affects the population. One side believes that technology serves as a beneficial factor in facilitating democracy, as well as enhancing social interactions. Subsequently, they believe that it is the driving factor for better human communication, making it an enabler for simplicity through varied exchanges. Though, others are in opposition, rendering that technology causes social isolation. Likewise, they believe that the social and developmental necessities of nonverbal communication are at a loss due to the convenience of technology. Thus, with the persistence of these mechanical developments, questions arise as to how these phenomena may affect the way that people interconnect. Does technology have a positive or negative impact on social interactions? In aspects of technology being beneficial to society, those in favor argues that usage of the internet promotes democracy as it encourages the freedom of speech, the freedom to exchange ideas. The author of “Introduction to America in the Twenty-First Century” explains: “There are no official censors, no bosses.… In principle, any node can speak as a peer to
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