Technology Has Affected The World

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Around the globe each individual has a different definition of what a city is to them. Perhaps in more economically advanced countries, cities to the inhabitants’ maybe a mere central business district, a place to commute to for work, a place of entertainment and shopping. But what about those third world countries, is the city seen as a place, for income which can help support the family leading them to a better future and perhaps even immigration; for these citizens is the city a place for trade and markets or somewhere where you can only dream of going to. Where ever in the world, every individual will have a different definition and vision for the city and the surrounding areas. However the core purpose of all cities is to lift the…show more content…
A city has a diverse range of people who come in and out of the area day to day. People come from near and far, whether it is a 5 minute walk, to a 10 hour flight. With this diversity also lies another diversity, which is the purpose of their visit and the area of expertise in which they hold. Maybe it is coming here to gain experience, or it could be coming for work, or plainly tourism and entertainment. Whatever the reason each day many different views of a city would be created, largely affected by these backgrounds of the individual. "The career of Benjamin W. Richardson embraced a temperance crusade, compositions in biography, poetry, and play and novel writing, and substantial professional contributions on physiology, pharmacology, pathology, internal medicine, anesthesis, epidemiology, sanitation, public health, and dental hygiene." (Van Nostrand 's Eclectic Engineering Magazine, 1876, p. 31-42) through this view it can be understood that Richardson with a vast range of experience in so many diverse fields can take many stances on planning, with many representations in one, with this view, it is truly an eye opener. “Coelius Aureliamus gave it description: the cancer to-day is
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