Technology Has Become A Vital Factor Of Our School System

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In today 's society, technology has become a vital factor of our school system and needs to be implemented into the classrooms on a daily basis. By using technological tools such as computers, Karehka Ramey states in the article “Technology Used in the Classroom” that “modern computers come with installed applications which can help students study well. For example, students can use internet explorer to search the internet, they can use word processing application to write notes. Teachers can also help their students to learn complicated applications on these computers as a way of making it easier for students to learn and making the teacher’s job easier” (Technology). This will make learning more efficient and enhance the students…show more content…
As technology continues to advance, teachers must create a classroom environment that encourages the use of technology, while providing students with the fundamental skills and knowledge necessary for their success. According to the film Meeting the Need of all Students Through Technology, by Camille McCue, she asserts that “computers in school setting have made the difference between success and failure and` technology makes learning possible in ways not available before. It provides a means for overcoming obstacles and it enables all students to reach their potential. Students who were not succeeding previously have a way of demonstrating their ability because of technology. Technology can serve as an equalizer, enhancer, or compensator. Asan equalizer, technology allows student’s toparticipate in activities that they could not engagein before. As an enhancer, technology challengesstudents ' cognitive abilities. Lastly, for studentswho are outside the reach of certain classes, technologies serve as the compensator, providingcontent that students would not had available inthe past. Today, we will hear the personal stories from a variety of students for whom technology makes the difference” (Meeting the Needs). So technology is a vital part of learning in the classroom, when it is implemented in the classroom this helps the student to learn new skills that will help them both in the classroom and later in life.

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