Technology Has Become An Important Part Of Modern Society Essay

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Technology has become an important part of modern society. Practically everything we say and do can be traced back to phones, computers, and many more electronic devices. Not only can we keep an eye on each other, but our government can keep a watchful eye on us. Today, a question asked by many people in the United States is if the government has the right to delve into their personal lives. Marlon Brando was correct when he stated, “Privacy is not something that I’m merely entitled to, it’s an absolute prerequisite.”(Timeoutla) Privacy is something that should be seen as a guaranteed right for americans, and should not be overtaken by the government. The National Security Agency was first founded in 2001. (“NSA Spying”) Mainly, all they did was spy on normal people’s lives to see if there was any information that could lead to terrorists or any acts of terrorism. The press and media did not present this information to the public until late 2005. (“NSA Spying”) News reports in late 2005 revealed that they had been intercepting phone calls and handling Internet communications since 2001. (“NSA Spying”) When Americans first learned of the reports, millions of people nationwide were scared and discomforted that their private conversations were being tracked and read. Even today, fifty four percent of Americans disapprove of the government’s collection of data and conversations. (Gao) In 2006, reporters obtained more evidence to add to this mounting pile about the NSA. (“NSA
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