Technology Has Become Part Of Peoples ' Daily Activities

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Technology has become part of peoples’ daily activities. The main purpose of digital technology is making work easier. Almost all people are dependent on some sort of technology for their lives. However, they forget that anything with an advantage must have also have a disadvantage. Some people think use digital version is good for education; teachers and students can enjoy the light-hearted and convenient teaching method. This method makes it possible for people to not need buy any more heavy books, no more paper work, and so on. Therefore, the question naturally arises: can the school eliminate papers and invest by electronic method? According to many discussing, the answer is no. School should not eliminate papers and invest by electronic method because there are many different courses in the University of Oregon and some of them cannot use electronic methods, such as math. Trying to use these methods with everything makes it harder for students to learn. People should not rely solely on electronic methods because electronic methods are making it harder for people to absorb information.
Some might say going digital a much better option than staying with paper because it’s more environmentally friendly. Trees are cut down and processed in factories to become a range of paper products such as towels, toilet paper, boxes, books, and packaging for almost everything. Furthermore, they are used to make the paper that we use every day for documents and handouts in schools. This

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