Technology Has Changed My Life

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As a travel writer and photographer, technology has helped me greatly in the past ten years. The main way it has changed my life is by making it totally portable, both in terms of equipment and in terms of location. Ten years ago I had a desktop computer and even had an early Blackberry smartphone. But I was still tethered to my desktop in terms of really being able to work and access my data and content. Portability Ten years ago I was able to answer email from my Blackberry, but now I can surf the web, watch YouTube or Hulu, even take HD video, all from my Samsung Galaxy SII smartphone. I also use an Ultrabook 2-in-1 that is a tablet and laptop, which I take everywhere. I can 't even remember the last time I even turned on my old desktop computer, as I do everything from these portable devices. It also means I basically always have my office with me and can work from anywhere. No international technical borders As someone who travels internationally every few months, this is another huge way my life has improved in the past ten years. With the almost all-pervasive availability of WiFi, even on many flights, it 's possible to constantly work and stay in touch. Mobile phone technology means I can just take my Galaxy SII around the world and use it anywhere, I don 't need to buy another phone for Europe and a phone for Asia, as I used to have to do. I also must mention T-Mobile and their Simple Choice global data as another example of how technology makes my life
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