Technology Has Changed The Way We Learn Essay

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Technology has indeed changed the way we learn. I was observing some kids doing their school work and I noticed that all of them had computers, laptops, tablets, or another kind of technology device with them. It made me think back on my elementary, middle, and high school days. I remember growing up without as much technology available as today, so most of the papers were hand written, I had to spend days at the library looking for the right sources, reading newspaper, magazines and books to find the information needed for determined assignment. All homework was based on books or any other printed form available, but never supposed to be done online. I am not from a family with much resources so technology came into my life little by little as my parents could afford. I did not have the newest devices and a high-speed Internet, and that was fine: it did not influence how good or bad my education was for technology was not a requirement, but it was more of a privilege. Technology began to be a big deal in my education when I started college in Brazil, around the year two thousand and ten, and now, it has a strong influence in my daily life. From socializing, to keeping in touch with my family in Brazil, staying up to date about news around the globe, checking the weather, traffic, work, and studying. Usually, all my school work is online: information about the classes I am taking, assignments, homework, and much more is supposed to be done using some kind of access device.
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