Technology Has Changed the Way We Learn Essay

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Every day, no matter where you look technology is surrounding you. Technology can be found in our homes, at work, and in the classroom. It has forever shaped the way we take in new information unknown to us. More recently, technology has most influenced the way we learn through the use of computers, portable smart devices, and the Internet.
The personal computer had become affordable and possible for the average American to own during the 1970's with the invention of the microprocessor. (Bellis, 2012) The microprocessor replaced giant warehouse sized computers that allowed for the components that make up a computer to be put into a single integrated circuit chip controlled through a program no bigger than the size of a dime. Since
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This changed the standard speech that was solely audible into a visual learning experience as well. The significance of this is that speeches and presentations now cater to two of the three learning tendencies vice one.
With the development of software educational tools came game-based learning programs. One such example of this, and you might not even know you were learning anything while playing, was Oregon Trail. This game was a staple in school computer labs for anyone that attended during the 1980's or 1990's. (van Metre, 2010) It taught the history of those forging westward, the decisions one had to make, and the hardships associated with the move. It was a vastly superb learning tool compared to a textbook when teaching this time period. Another such game, and though it's learning objectives were more obvious it was still quite fun, was Math Blasters. This game was able to teach basic math up through more advanced mathematics, like geometry or algebra, all while keep students entertained playing a game. Both of those games are perfect examples of how technology has changed the way we learn.
The Internet has also greatly influenced the way we educate ourselves. It has transformed the way we seek out information. There is no more going to the library, and sifting through pages of encyclopedias. If we have a question we are unable to answer, or that someone else nearby cannot answer we simply need to type our question into a search
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