Technology Has Hindered The American Society

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Armineh Geragossian Professor M. Basalla ESL 151 November 29, 2016 Technology has Hindered the American Society Technology has become an important part of the American lifestyle. Everything from work to school involves technology in some way, shape, or form. For example, computers have made gathering and transferring information much simpler and accessible. This is a benefit to society because people are able to become better educated in a convenient fashion. Convenience has always been one of the main goals that technology has tried to accomplish. All major inventions, from automobiles to the internet, were created to make life more convenient and easier for people. Whereas automobiles made it easier for people to travel long distances in short amounts of time, the Internet has made gathering information, doing business, and learning much more convenient. Although convenience is a major benefit that technology gives us, there are also negative effects on society as a result of new inventions. Not all technology is beneficial, many new technologies have had a negative impact on our youth. Therefore, technology has hindered the American society because it has made people more self-centered, encouraged laziness in American youth, and made establishing relationships much more difficult. Technology has hindered the American society by making people more self-centered, selfish, and boastful. One of the ways that people are more self-centered is through social media. 7 Deadly
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