Technology Has Impacted Students Writing

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Technology has advanced tremendously over the years especially in our education systems. Educators are now able to serve multiple people because of technology, having the ability to earn higher level of education online is just one example. There are some opposing sides to the rapid advancement of technology in the classroom.
Digital impact in the classroom has impacted students writing. Reflecting back to my first course of this program, I struggle with writing before enrolling in this class but my writing skills had declined due to increase of none formal writing I engage in on a daily bases. Educators are observing that the internet and digital technologies such as social networking sites, and cell phones and texting have increased the acceptance to not write and speak with correct grammatical English than any other generation (Purcell & Buchanan & Friedrich, 2013). With the advanced technology also decreases several learning opportunities. For example when you misspell a word our systems auto correct for you now, when you reflect back to before the extreme advancement in technology students would have to look through a dictionary and find the word you were looking for. By looking through the dictionary created problem solving skills, reading through definitions to find the word you were looking for.
Teachers state that “68% say that digital tools make students more likely—as opposed to less likely or having no impact—to take shortcuts and not put effort into their…
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