Technology Has Made A Huge Impact On Our World

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In the past fifty years, technology has made such a huge impact on our world. Back when each specific piece of technology was created, things like refrigerators, televisions, cellular phones and etc. used to be luxuries but now they are necessities. Although this does not seem like too much of a problem to us humans, the constant updating of technology is a factor as to why we neglect nature. Both of my parents were raised spending sunrise to sunset outside. They both played with neighborhood kids in their backyards from the time they were able to walk until the time they entered middle school. There was not much technology for them to use, they each had a radio and television but they were mainly used for news rather than entertainment. …show more content…

As they got into their teen years, they got jobs and schoolwork became pressing so they spent less time outside. But my grandparents and parents still managed to take weekend or day trips to parks or beaches. For instance, almost every Sunday my grandparents would take my mother and her siblings out to go hiking or something to just get out of the house. As well as, my paternal grandparents who would take my father and my aunt out to go to a park or the beach. According to my International Business professor, Bob Bogandoff, he noticed that people don’t go for long drives or day trips anymore. He also mentioned that with the luxury of flying people would rather save and splurge on long trips rather than go on smaller trips to somewhere close by car. Even with technology updating our modes of transportation, how we spend time with our families and how we travel are changing. Some families are spending less time together and spending even less time outside, which is detrimental to everyone. I spend a lot less time outside as a teenager. Going outside was not the “it” thing to do, everything that I used and still use daily is technology. Social media, television, listening to music replaced the aspects of going outside. Rather than go outside and meet up with friends, my friends and I would make group chats on Myspace, send chain emails, and talk for hours on the phone even though we just were with each other at school. Watching

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