Technology Has Made The Lives Of Many People Much Easier.

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Technology has made the lives of many people much easier. The internet especially has been an invention that many people today do not believe they could live without. It is used daily not only to do research for papers, but also to look up recipes, book airplane flights and hotels, or even shop from the privacy of one’s own home. Even though it has become much easier to do all of these things, it has also become much simpler for the government and others to monitor our daily lives. This not only means our own privacy is compromised, but government officials who are supposed to be watching out and representing us are doing the opposite both in our own, and other countries. Should governments be allowed to implement surveillance of its…show more content…
This is violated when the government infringes and essentially searches through the activity that people are doing in their own homes. In a way this is very much the same as if the government were to come in without a search warrant and look through one’s belongings. Many people would not investigate whether surveillance by the government was unconstitutional unless there was a reason to. Cases have existed in which people have gone to court against the government for invading their privacy including the Supreme Court case Alderman v. United States 1969. For the general person, many times people forget the fact that what they are looking at can be seen by others. This has led to numerous embarrassing and sometimes humiliating things that occur over and over again. In the case of Alderman v. United States 1969, the question of how far the government is allowed to go became the question. Even though nothing embarrassing happened to them, it was more embarrassing for the government. This case took place in Colorado during the period of the Cold War where Alderman and his accomplices were found guilty of transmitting murderous threats on behalf of the Soviet Union. Even though the case was held prior to the private use of the internet, the argument they used could still be considered valid today. It is a proven fact that
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