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6 Businesses that Technology has Radically Transformed Lody Zeitoun Odeh Technology has touched the facets of our everyday life in a manner that some businesses are not able to keep up with the fast and accelerated rate of change. You would be hard-pressed not to see a trace of a software or hardware anywhere you go. Starting from smart phones, to smart homes, to smart cities, technology has by all means taken over propels’ lives. The invention of the internet was the first wave of a titanic change to take over the world. It is hard to believe that it was 40 years ago when the internet was first conceived followed by few years later with the first personal computer to be invented. The web was then proposed in1989. Those inventions…show more content…
The main challenge for the newspaper industry is that most news is already available online for free. Newspapers have to compete to get their news online without subscription fees and rely on heavy advertisement to make up for the loss in profit.*1 Many newspapers have opted to give up on the print version of their news and focus on their digital version. In December 2013, Lloyd’s List, the world’s oldest continuously published newspaper announced it will end its print version in order to stay competitive and concentrate on its online edition.*2 The newspaper has been in business for nearly 280 years. Many others have also opted for similar choice and some have also taken advantage of smart phone applications and introduced their own up to the minute news version. Newshunt, World Newspapers, and SmartNews are all smart applications that include wide array of newspapers in digital forms. Book Stores: Book stores have been hit hard with the fast take of the digital wave. In the early 2000, most business analysts have predicted demise for most independent bookstores. Indeed, such fate didn’t just affect independent cozy bookstores, but captured the global chains as well. Over 1,000 independent bookstores across the United States shut down their operations between 2000 and 2007. In 2011, Borders (the global book chain) filed for bankruptcy. Barnes and Noble was not more fortunate.
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