Technology Hinders Society In The Giver By Ron Friedman

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Do you have dinner with your family or with your phone? Having dinner with your family creates more bonding but having dinner with your phone or technology cause you to get dumb and dumber exponentially. Meaning starting slowly but increasing rapidly over time. From the article by Ron Friedman “A New Year’s resolution for the workplace,” Friedman talks about how study shows that devices or technology has been (can) cut our thinking ability in the workplace. He also talks about how phones can be such a distraction and you can get most out of it by keeping it away. This article talks about how technology is getting in the way of you making friendships or interpersonal connections with humans. A survey from “Pew Research Survey” from feb. 14-23 of 2014. “When is it okay to use your phone?” from 4 different generations. In “The Giver” by Lois Lowry, everything in the community is controlled by technology and that really limits them from knowing that technology is only hurting them. Technology hinders society because it gets in the way of person to person interaction, community is too dependent on technology, and lowers cognitive performance.

First of all, technology hinders the way people talk with each other. Technology gets in the way of person to person interaction.
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“One possibility is that years of cell phone usage has conditioned us to anticipate the arrival of new messages. Consequently, even when our phones sit perfectly still, simply having it in our peripheral vision tempts us to split our attention, leaving less mental firepower for doing our work.” (Paragraph 9) That causes exhaustion for our brain which leads us to not completing important assignments first. It does lower our brain productivity because we get diverted in 2 paths to make
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