Technology Impact On Society

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Technology in recent years has increased in productivity and popularity tremendously. People are starting to spend more time on their new devices such as phones, ipads, or laptops. The definition of technology not only includes physical gadgets, but also texting, tweeting, and all kinds of social media. The impact of this on society would be a positive and good impact, if people were using all these new devices and forms of social media correctly. Social Media websites and applications such as Snapchat Facebook and Instagram are suppose to be ways for friends and family to stay connected. In today’s day they will prevent people from making real connections with others, making people actually feel disconnected. Technology is making society more alone because people are not going out as much to socialize, social media and texting are being used as substitutes for making face to face communication, people are paying more attention to their phones than their friends. In today’s society, leaving your house is no longer a necessity. People can work from home. Many of us can get our groceries shipped to our homes. Everyday necessities that fall under the category of healthcare you can buy online. Finally clothes, shoes, and accessories are very popularly bought on the internet. According to a research study done in 2016 about eight out of ten Americans are now shopping online (Smith and Monica). Everything can be bought online and websites such as ebay and amazon have made that
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