Technology Impact On Society

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Have you ever tried to have a conversation with someone, while the listener is just sitting there on their phone? Have you ever wondered what life was like for the parents of this generation who had not been spoiled by the computer? These are good examples of how technology has impacted society and has become a part of North America’s culture. The computer has evolved drastically since it was first invented and a lot of the advancements are led by Americans. The development of the computer in America is changing society and culture in a negative way that it will create an unbalanced reality because they negatively change the way new generations learn, eradicate other technologies, hurt the environment by depleting our resources while causing pollution, and force regulations on how people can interact socially with one another. The development of computers will create an unbalanced reality because they change the way new generations learn. The mind of a minor operates differently than an adult, as it is more malleable which makes frequent exposure to mini-computers, such as tablets or smartphones, wire the brain in ways very different than in previous generations (Taylor, 12/02/2012). Computers can corrupt the mind away from the important aspects of life such as their god, or their family. As the minor develops into an adult, they learn from what is presented to them. The child's immediate environment determines the kind of attention that they develop (Taylor,

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