Technology Impact Paper

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Technology Impact Paper Technology affects customers on a daily basis. Companies must turn their attention to the people if they plan to succeed in today’s technology-driven economy (O’Connor, and Regan B., 2002). Companies must cater to customers, invest in people, be innovative, and show true compassion for others. This paper will research how Stone Incorporated introduced new products to customers through the use of technology, how the new technology has proven value added, outline support plan for customers who may have questions, and emphasize new partnerships with technology partners and enhanced customer experiences. Introducing new products to customers through the use of technology After implementing the System Analysis and…show more content…
Enhancements have been made to the home page to improve the navigation, and make the home page more user friendly for customers and employees. The home page is set up with company history tab, which tells a brief history of Stone Incorporated and the information on current operations. A distributors tab will inform customers were products are available. In addition, to a product tab with information of all products that a available through the website and through distributors. A tab is also available for tracking shipments that have been shipped. A customer service tab will take the online user direct to the customer service page; from here, they will be have the option to choose from a list of troubleshooting question or have to option to log into to online messaging center for live online help. New partnerships have been development with the creation of the new home page, customer service has been enhanced as well. Customers having the ability to go online, review the product, and find a list of the distributors that carry the products has improved the customers shopping time for the product. They have the ability to order online or go direct to the distributor and see the product firsthand before purchasing the product. In conclusion, technology affects customers and companies daily. Customer service is the key to the success of a company. With implementation of the SAP program and the improvements in
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