Technology Impact Today 's Society

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Technologies impact in today’s society is constantly changing, but not always for the better. “One of five children under the age of sixteen now own a smartphone. (“The Gadget Website”) The average age of a child that receives their first cell phone is eleven. I worry about a child’s well-being when I see them with these devices. On my tenth, birthday my father bought me a cell phone. I was unaware of the potential consequences I later faced when I misused it. Parents are giving children phones without prior research. Parents must acquire information about the many dangers and hazards that comes with the ownership of a cell phone. Parents want to stay in touch with their children through cellular devices. By obligation parents worry about their child’s security. Parents realize that young kids crave independence. They escape their parent’s hands to attend school activities and go shop by themselves. They embed apps such as “Find My Kid” and “Family Tracker” on their child’s cell phone to pinpoint their exact location. However, they may not know the “side effects” of putting a GPS tracker on their child’s phone. Parents need to know that cell phones are powerful and can be detrimental, if an adolescent doesn’t know how to use them. In the United States, “66 percent of adolescents, ages 8 to 17, have rules from their parents on cell phone use.” (“Growing Wireless”) What about the other thirty-four percent of adolescents? Parents must talk to their kids about the risks that
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