Technology In 1984

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The use of technology in the novel 1984 by George Orwell was not just a means of communication but surveillance. It was used to make sure that the citizens were obeying big brother and abiding by the laws in place. In the United States today, more cameras are being put out on the streets to keeps citizens safe. However, some believe that our society today is turning into the society George Orwell creates in 1984. Although that may seem true, the arguement that our technology is taking us closer to the world of Big Brother is invalid due to the constitution, our safety, and the different uses of surveillance. Big Brother may seem to be not so far away in the future to some. Cities around the United States are adding more cameras around the…show more content…
However, this is against the rights of the citizen. A police officer may not arrest a citizen unless he has probable cause of something suspicious happening. It is stated in Winton’s article that, “It won’t be a case of “Big Brother”.” (Winton 6). Also, they must acquire a warrant from the court to be able to arrest any citizen. Therefore, spying on American citizens through the use of these cameras would cause more problems for the federal government. Although many citizens believe that all the cameras would create problems, their main use is exactly the opposite. These cameras are supposed to keep the average citizen more safe. They are used to prevent more crime from happening in certain areas. Moreover, the cameras are used to help in action. Officer Foster states, “We’re putting more eyes on the streets without putting more bodies out there.” (Winton 5).When crime happens throughout the streets, the camera’s will help provide the police with exact locations as to where the crime was done. This will…show more content…
These are both reasons as to why the cameras are not just to spy on the general public but to keep them safe. The main arguement that the cameras bring up is that the citizens feel as though these cameras will eventually begin to control them. Those thoughts come straight from the novel 1984. Big Brother lurked over the citizens, giving the government full control to make sure the citizens were obeying and conforming to Big Brother. The cameras would talk to the people and tell them where to go and what to do and what not to do. However, I believe that in our society today, Americans would never allow that. The fight that Winston showed when O’Brien was trying to torture him is the fight that I believe America would show. The American society would never be able to give up the freedom that we pride our country on. If the government tried to put full control over us through the use of surveillance, the citizens would revolt against this ideal. As much as the government would like to have full control over its society, they know that there would be more problems trying to get that power than the benefits it would
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