Technology In Black Mirror's Episode '15 Million Merits'

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Technology in “15 Million Merits”
Jacques Ellul once said, “modern technology has become a total phenomenon for civilization, the defining force of a new social order in which efficiency is no longer an option but a necessity imposed on all human activity.” In other words, everyday our life continues to become more dependent on technology. This ties in with the concept represented in Black Mirror’s episode “15 Million Merits.” The concept that nowadays technology is being misused. Technology, if not used correctly, can cause a bad impact on society’s well-being.
Technology exists to meet certain humans’ wants and needs, however it does not produce general happiness. Instead, it produces a distraction from the real world. “anytime, anywhere and fast entertainment are pervasive parts of our cultural environment, deciding what to pay attention to is more challenging than ever” (pg 401). Individuals adapt quickly to technology since most of our everyday activities rely on the it. For example,
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Individuals from all over the world are able to communicate with whoever they want just by using any type of technology. Technology is bringing individuals together from all over the world, however our communication skills are not getting any better. In the show if someone did not communicate in person they would most likely communicate through a virtual avatar which they constantly tried to improve. This could relate to today’s social networking sites because we spend a great amount of our time perfecting ourselves. In addition, we try to portray ourselves as better individuals than who we really are. They are worried more about how their virtual appearance looks and they do not seem to realize how they are living. Sooner or later, our society will only communicate with each other through the use of technology. Individuals will not be able to sit down and have an in-person

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