Technology In Brave New World

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Technology, like any tool created by human imagination is put into place to help in the ways that nature cannot, to the point where a prominent definition is, “an application of science to solve a problem.” (Ramey, 2013). Huxley’s rendition of a utopia is in answer to this problem common to the race of man, the error of human nature. In this novel technology is the cure to which the virus of humanity has inject upon the world, and it is this negative relationship between creator and creation that drives the plot of the story. The reader is then put into a position of caution towards the advancement of science, Huxley’s words become a warning to protect against a future fight for the traits that define humanity. A Brave New World shows that there is no correlation between technology and humanity because they exist in two different worlds, the utopia created leading to the deterioration in the link to the basis of humanity because of the corruption of individuality, the loss of freedom, and a more importantly a lack of chaos.
Some may argue that the greatest point of being human is that no two people are of the same nature; each person grows up in different environments, experiences, and dreams, leaving behind an organism that imprint their own stamp on the world. By taking away the ability to separate themselves from their peers, the systematic removal of individual identity in the brave world makes it easier for the reader to distance themselves from the characters in the
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