Technology In Daily Life

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How does technology impact my every day, daily life? Daily life has changed in many ways over the past hundred years because of advancements in technology. First, there are many changes in the way I read and the material that we use to read. A stone tablet is no longer required because we have other ways to read. Second, there have been many changes in the games children play because of technology board games are a thing of the past. Last, communication has also changed in many ways over the past hundred years. I no longer have to wait on “Snail-Mail” to hear from my best friend. As can be seen, daily life, from reading to playing games to communicating differently, has changed drastically over the past hundred years of advancement in technology. First of all, the way of reading has changed in plenty of ways and reading will never be the same. Now, I can do my school work and read online, homeschooling, and I can be doing everything that students are in doing in a classroom. I usually finish my work before those students. I would not be able to do my homework, or read, on the internet because internet did not exist at that time. I like to rad but now I can download books and audios to listen too while I am doing something else. If I was reading a hundred years ago I would have to keep my eyes on the book, I do not have to do that now. Several old people do not have mobile phones so they watch T.V. and the news to hear about what is going on or to see the weather.
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