Technology In E-Business

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Advancement of technology and globalization has changed the way companies are undertaking their business operations in the current dynamic and competitive business environment. Internet access as led to usage of technology for myriad of reasons including communication, business and education (Chaffey, 2014). The business community has been changed completely by internet. Recently, internet has become an integral part of companies as a means of carrying out business. This has led to emergence of electronic business where organizations are using internet to conduct business externally or internally. E-business makes use of internet technology to entice, satisfy and keep consumers who purchase its services and products. E-business also uses internet technology to streamline its supply chain, procurement system and manufacturing in order to deliver efficiently the right services and products to the consumers. For an e-business to be a success, various internet-enabled applications such as portals, e-commerce websites, online marketplaces, customer relationship and supply chain management (Meier and Stormer, 2009).
In e-business, companies undertake their business operations through electronic means. E-business is very similar to e-commerce, but e-business goes past simple buying and selling of services and products online.(是要分开介绍两者区别吗?还是一笔带过?) E-business involves wide array of business, but the primary premise is its dependence on the internet for commerce.
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