Technology In English Essay

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Language is what we learn from society and not something by birth. ENGLISH language is the most commonly spoken language around the world. It is considered as the official language in many countries as well as 2nd most used language in most of the countries around the world. With the increased popularity of this language and development all around the world, the number of people willing to learn and use English have also increased. So along with the growing popularity of English language the methods to learn it have also improvised and advanced. The present age of Technology is an ever advancing age and has an ever changing effect on the modern English language learning which has highly transformed the learning process. Due to this transformation the English learning process have been standardized through technology.
Role of technology in English learning
With the use of multimedia technology in the
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Economical:-Acquisition of English language through technology is very cheap and economical as it is available at a number of resources online as well as on other places. So anyone can access them without having to shell out a lot of money.
2. Flexible:-Through technology the learning of English becomes very flexible as you are able to access the technology anytime and anywhere. As there are numerous ways you can get the software i.e. through mobile phones, laptops, computers, Ipads etc.
3. Practicing Technique:-A well practiced person is the one who can succeed in mastering the English learning technique. As there is abundance of data available online and on other sources for you to practice your skills so it surely helps you to master your English learning skills.
4. Multimedia Software:-there are many multimedia software available in the market that could be used to upgrade your English speaking skills. So in order to get these you do not need to worry much and they help you in achieving your require
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