Technology In Healthcare

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Improving Perception of a New System Information technology has shaped the health care system. The integration of technology into medical practice paved the way to improved documentation. Hospital organizations are now moving towards computer-based documentation (Meißner, & Schnepp, 2014). The change in practice to the computerized system has been the prevailing trend and continued to grow. It is considered as the most significant technological improvement in the past decades ( Yoder-Wise & Kowalski, 2006). Studies show that information technology-based nursing system has promising benefits in improving the quality care provided to patients (Hebda, & Czar, 2013). Technology has helped build the gap between providing care and outcomes. The…show more content…
Human-computer interaction (HCI) plays an essential role in promoting acceptance and usage of the system. Human-computer interaction (HCI) studies how the design of computer related system affects the overall behavior of human (Hebda, & Czar, 2013). Understanding the relationship between computer and human interaction can help an organization build a system that can produce results which is efficiency and effectiveness. Each aspect of the health information technology such as the design of the mouse, the appearance of the screen, meaning of the icons and functionality of the software can impact the behavior of the user. (Hebda, & Czar, 2013). A clear understanding the relationship between human and computer interact, one can design a process flow that the end user can accept. Introducing a new product can be a challenge. The user has a significant influence on the acceptance of the new product. Developers of a system need to involve the user to enhance acceptance and use the application. Good Samaritan Hosptial was one of the second group to be tested for usability of the upgraded version of the electronic documentation system by the organization. The first test of change was in one of the hospitals in the Mid-Western area where the upgraded system was trialed. The developers of the system and nurses worked for hand in hand to determine what will work best for the nurses to be efficient and effective in
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