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Technology is used among the world; every nation and country are utilizing technology. Do we really need all this advanced technology? The technology that is occurring today in the year of 2017 is so advanced that society residing on this planet have all been changed and are adapting to this environment. Have we ever notice how technology has changed everyone? Author Neil Postman wrote a book called Technolpoly, a book published in the year of 1992. This author is so wise and is what we call a futurist. He wrote this book in 1992 and could determine what will occur in the future; which is today. I agree with Postman’s idea against technology. I, too feel that too much technology will be a chaos to the world one day. Today, we rely on our electronics such as; phone, laptops, tablets and other electronic devices for our answers. Many generations ago, everything was written on paper and to find an answer we had to go through books, interviews and experiences to get full evidence to get an answer. Postman states that culture and tradition ways are disappearing because of the replacement of technology.
Postman used King Thamus as an example of a wise person thinking way high and beyond that he had his own opinion about technology. When Theuth, the creator of writing came up with the idea of writing; he presented the idea to Thamus and Thamus had a lot of doubts about the creation. He told Theuth that writing will only become a recollection and not a memory. “Wisdom of his off

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