Technology In War Research Paper

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Technology at times have been referred to as inventions which create values for human beings and help them in living a better lifestyle, but no one would have ever thought technology would have even played an important role in war. The way wars are conducted have changed leaps and bounds from early 1800s to modern days. Industrial revolution and technologies have transformed how the warfare is conducted. Although technology might have helped opponents of the war to showcase their strengths during warfare and win wars, however certain reforms used in warfare had its effects (positive or negative) on the civilian citizens too.

Since start of midcentury, industrial revolution had started shaping the warfare. The technological advancements
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It was felt that it is important that manufacturing science should consider equipping the soldiers with guns which could make a bigger impact for the enemies. The armies have come a long way since they fought with spears, bows and arrows. Undoubtedly, the greatest technological reform came in the field artillery. (WORLD HISTORY OF WARFARE Archer, Christon I., 1940-; Ferris, John Robert, 1956-; Herwig, Holger H.; Travers, Timothy., c2002. Armed forces are one of biggest resource used in warfare and weapons are their tools provided, to help maneuver them in the fields. These weapons are designed to make maximum impact on enemies in terms of harm or kill or making them disabled, so that infantry soldiers can make inroads to enemy’s territory. Technological advancement in weapons is just not only attributed to change in physical form of weapon, but there is lot of physics, chemistry, mechanics are involved in development of weapons. Previously, guns had been cast in individual molds and hence been much too heavy to drag across battlefields. Starting in eighteen century and until World War 1 various types of artillery guns were developed and used in war, however each one of these had their limitations. For example, prior to World War 1, Gatling gun was the most popular automatic rapid fire weapon, however it was quite heavy which limited its use in warfare. Later British developed Vickers gun, however it required six- man team to operate his gun. Subsequently Americans invented Lewis gun, an automatic machine gun. This gun was gas powered and just weighted 28lbs. It could fire 500-600 rounds per minute with maximum muzzle velocity of 2,440 feet per seconds. The machine gun was an effective addition to arsenals during this time of
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