Technology Influence

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Influence of Technology in Society.
Yuri Kim

Influence of technology in society.
Technology has changed people mind and their daily life. Recently, people started to addict to the Internet as well as the Internet interrupts people from the other thing like job. Since technology has been developed dramatically, it affects our mind and in society. Technology now is an inevitable and normal part of human's society and life. From waking up to preparing breakfast and dinner, people almost depend on technology. It helps in day-to-day activities. However, sometimes, technology made people concentrate less on the work. While technology has affected our mind negatively, it has improved the society in various ways: better productivity, education, and relationship.
Today, technology has fully contributed to increasing productivity. It reduces work processes. Thus, people can spend time more efficiently because of the development of computer. Technology especially computer has changed a lot of things in the work place and made people work more quickly and efficiently. For example, people do not have to write with pen, pencil or typewriter, to calculate each number and to correct typos. While they are writing, the computer will automatically calculate or find the mistake and fix it. Computer reduces mistakes; therefore, people can save more time instead of fixing mistakes. Furthermore, it is extremely important because women could finally get the opportunity to work
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