Technology & Information : Technology And Information Changes

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Technology & Information: Technology and information changes are required. Cutting-edge chemical technology can make Woodson Chemical Company into a low-cost producer; the company must develop a plan to integrate each division’s responsibilities for consumers’ orders and information status. The important issues to consider when acquiring and implementing new technology are programmatic, technical, cost, schedule and sometimes supportability.
One of the largest risk noticed when reviewing this case, is the cost involved in updating software, location and relocation of warehouse and distribution centers, personnel changes, which may include loss of job, increase of jobs and various locations effected differently. The mass undertaking of change over of systems to bring all of WCC online and in connected relationships with each other as well as the customers will involved large cost and long periods of time to create, put into place and then bring on line with personnel and training. To combat these extreme cost, implementing a 5 to 10 year plan, to allow for the changes to be done in cycles and by identifying the areas of change needed to take place in what order. Every change is interlinked, but what transition can be done first, second, third and so on until each system, each division is operating within the new WCC guidelines.
Interruption of raw materials and finished goods could be effected by any changes being put into place, especially once the change over reaches
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