Technology Infrastructure Failure

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It's crucial for enterprise to protect data. However, at some point, something in your information technology infrastructure is going to fail - it's inevitable. Downtime - the scourge of the information technology (IT) professional. Your users don't care why they can't access their data, they just want it fixed...and now! To avoid having an end-user riot on your hands, Your main goal is to restore normal business operation as soon as possible.
Let's look at some potential causes for computer downtime and possible solutions first:
Equipment Failure - A hard drive fails in the network server. If you built fault tolerance into your network. A fault tolerant system has an online redundant component ready to go; if the primary dies, the system switches
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A disgruntled employee smashes his personal computer on the way out. The best counter for these events is to physically secure your IT assets. Keep network servers and other vital infrastructure in a locked computer room with limited access. You can limit access in and out of the office space with perimeter security of some sort (i.e. card swipe for entry), and you can position someone with a clear view of entry points or monitor the area via remote security.
Cybercrime - A hacker breaks into your network file server and disables access. Just like some buildings require perimeter security, a computer network requires it at external entry points as well - a firewall, which prevents unauthorized access to the company network, along with an anti-virus solution to prevent hackers from stealing information via malware.
Environmental Impacts - ACME Corporation is now out of business after the hurricane flooded their data center. A lesson learned is: part of the contingency plan has to include possible environmental impacts, such as a weather event. One way to diminish any expected damage from a weather event, is to house your network servers in a colocation facility, which is a hardened, high-security building built to withstand weather extremes, but also has backup power and Internet connections. If you put your network servers in it, you can also access them remotely via an Internet
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Look at what could possibly happen and determine what your budget allowance is for protection. Then rank the threats in order of probability, begin to consider what you can do to reduce or minimize your risk from these threats. Put the policies in writing, with clear steps to be taken when a triggering event occurs. The main thing is to make sure everyone knows their roles and responsibilities. Just like businesses run fire drills periodically, elements of the IT contingency plan need to be tested to make sure they're effective. Things change, your plan should adapt as well.
It's not the question of if, it's the question of when something will happen to cause your business some IT downtime. Your contingency plan is the road map to get your systems back up and running. Things like equipment failure, theft/vandalism, cybercrime, environmental impacts and human error can all play a part. You need to assess your current IT infrastructure, rank the threats, and develop an action plan. Related employees need to know their roles and responsibilities, the plan needs to be periodically tested (run drills), and it should also be audited to make sure it's
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