Technology Innovation : The United Kingdom, Sweden And Finland ( Global Innovation )

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Technology innovation has been widely considered as a major driving force to the economic growth and urban prosperity, especially to the long-term development. According to the World Intellectual Property Indicators (WIPO, 2013), the total number of patents produced worldwide is 2.35 million in 2013 with an increasing growth rate over 9%. Innovation capacity has been the most important component of a city’s competitiveness. A good measurement of the innovation ability is the number and quality of patents that generated by the city. The United States has great traditions and environment for technology innovations, and has accounted for a sizeable share of patents that has shaped the modern world. The United States ranked 5th on the list of the most innovative countries in 2014, lagging behind Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Finland (Global Innovation Index, 2014). Since the great recession, the landscaped of innovation in American has been dominated by several places, and the geography of innovation in the country is substantially uneven. It concentrated in two clustering centers, the Silicon Valley center and the Northeast center. At its peak in 2007, the San Jose region originated more than 10, 000 patents applications, accounting for 7% of the national total. The Northeast patenting center is leading by two metropolitans, the New York City and Boston (Figure *). Even though most of these innovation centers in the county are large metros, the pattern of leading
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