Technology Integration Action Pl My Teaching Context

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Technology Integration Action Plan

My teaching context

The acquisition of a second language, in my students case a third one, is one of the main objectives of the Educación Media Superior a Distancia (EMSaD) system, the use of a third language in an oral and written way, that can be acquired through the implementation of different teaching-learning strategies and techniques that the teacher should implements every day.

Nowadays, it is not enough using the traditional approaches and teaching aids like whiteboards, working with worksheets, audio, bibliography, etc. Therefore, technology could be an ally. In our school English as a subject is given from first to fourth semester. They have three hours of English subject per week. The temporary school is located in San José Monteverde community, a rural community which is part of San Antonino Monteverde town council in the district of San Juan Teposcolula in Oaxaca, Mexico. The community is in a rural area three hour’s drive away from the main city. The first language of the people of this community is Mixtec and their second one is Spanish.

I can say that the access I have to technology helps the development of my classes. I have a laptop and a mobile phone which is connected to the school network. At school I have a projector, and a pair of speakers. I use the internet at home when I look for information for downloading videos, music, etc. I don 't take school work at home because I only go home at weekends.

When we talk…
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