Technology Integration In Texas

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In Texas students test scored were being tested and compared to the use of technology in the classroom. They used at-risk students who fell into specific categories to be the test group. These were students who have failed this type of test in the past. One teacher received eight classes worth of these at-risk students and used technology integration every day. The idea was to try to link the use of technology to passing the state English test. By using at-risk students the author had a wide range of test subjects, which included: students with low grades, not maintaining above a C average, student is pregnant or a parent, in an alternative program, student dropped out of school, has limited English proficiency, troubled home life and has family issues or homeless. The author wanted to find out if a technology-rich environment had an effect on state mandated scores of students. Her test subjects were the at-risk students.…show more content…
The results of the at-risk students for this teacher were incredible. In her six classes in 2002-2003 90% of these at risk students passed the state mandated reading test while the comparison group only had 87% pass. Her two classes in 2003 -2004 had a pass rate of 96% while the rest of the building only had 93% pass rate. The findings were that her at-risk students scored higher than the other study group. This teacher used technology to help these students pass the state mandated test. There is a direct correlation to the use of technology and the effect it has on at-risk students passing this state mandated test. This article shows only the correlation of using technology for English classes. I would be curious to see if it would make a difference in other subject such as math and
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