Technology Into Early Childhood Education

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Matters to Consider when introducing Technology into Early Childhood Education
Earlier research was more concerned with weather or not technology; including computers were, in fact, beneficial to children's learning. Current research is concerned with how technology can be used to support children's learning and development (Morrison, 2009). Acronyms like PC, CD, DVD, PDA, DSL, eBay, and .com, are part of our professional vocabulary right alongside ECE… technology has changed the way we teach children (Donohue, 2003). This author takes the position that technology is beneficial to early childhood education. This paper will outline how technology is beneficial to early childhood education through an analysis of contemporary
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It needs to be acknowledged that technology and media are social icons, and, most importantly, children are active consumers of these products (Weddell, 2001). There is little wonder why technology is being viewed as becoming, if not already, common place in the educational setting. Zevenbergen (2010, p. 1) states, "This generation has been immersed in technology since their emergence into the world. Their homes have computer technology in all facets of gadgetry-the remote control for the television, the programmable microwave, the mobile phone computers, digital games (such as Xbox, as well as those on the computer)".
Early childhood is a period of growth and rapid development. During this time, many children attend preschool, where they have access to technology as a learning tool (Chen & Couse, 2010). There is increasing interest and belief in the need to start this education [technology] at an earlier age, possibly as soon as children begin formal schooling or even nursery school or kindergarten (Stables, 1997). In a survey conducted by Flynn et, al. (2010), the results showed more than half of the educators surveyed think that children should be introduced to technology between ages 3 and 4. Perhaps one reason the findings would indicate this is due to the motivational
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