Technology Is A Bad Thing

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Advances in Technology Technology has advanced in all shapes and forms and there is no sign of it stopping. It has changed the way many of us see the world today. If our ancestors would be alive, they would think it is a completely different place. Many consumers believe that technology is a bad thing because they see the ugly side of change. Most people if not all simply do not want to accept it or perhaps they notice those consumers who make mistakes and abuse technology. Despite it being an unseen act of technology, society is continuously changing to uphold a set of standards never before held for the sake of the future. We witness generations grasping a general idea of how to use the complex devices starting at a young age. The younger users are able to use their devices with ease and breeze through applications at an outstanding rate. For example, my younger siblings know exactly how to unlock my phone and swipe through pages of applications and know exactly what game to use. I have witnessed them logging in on my computers and perhaps search the web to watch their favorite videos online. This idea of teaching the future generations at a young age to develop technological skills is a great opportunity for them to have for the sake of their jobs. It is like we are preparing them to advanced and not stay behind. The advances in technology is increasing at a rapid rate creating new types of jobs and opportunities brightening the future of the next generation. Since
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