Technology Is A Important Component Of The Globalized World

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No doubt exists that technology has become an incredibly important component of the globalized world we, as people, live in. Technology of all forms is heavily relied on for almost every aspect of people’s daily lives: transportation, entertainment, and especially communication. Communicating via technology (whether that be phone calls, email, social media platforms, etc.) has become a social norm throughout the world. According to Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist at Rutgers University who conducted a study on users, “39% of communication on a regular day is through technology” (Somaiya). These methods of communication become more complex and advanced each day; one of the biggest technological breakthroughs that have had…show more content…
Shigetaku Kurita created the original set of emojis in Japan in 1990 as a way to “incorporate feeling and tone into digital messages” (Somaiya). Working at a phone company, Kurita wanted to fix the common problems of miscommunication that were found in text messaging. In the Edo era in Japan, emoji-like concepts such as icons were used to teach prayers to those unable to read or write them—Kurita was inspired by this, pictograms (which stand as the earliest form of writing, consisting of pictures that represent words), Japanese visual imagery, and Japanese pop culture, specifically the show “Manga”, to create his emojis. Kurita’s two goals with emojis were to communicate information and to “add to our palate of communication” (Somaiya). Reflecting upon his own work, Kurita discusses how emojis have enriched communication and have become the standard in Japan—which is increasingly becoming the standard world-wide. Many studies have been conducted to understand how emojis impact communication. To see how emojis effect the brain, researchers at Tokyo Denki University in Japan compared the effects of emoticons and facial images via MRI scans; they found that “The more graphic the emoticon, the more our brain responds to it.” (Ayres). The temporal gyrus, which is the part of the brain that recalls “biological motions” (Ayres), becomes activated when more realistic-style emoticons are seen in technological messages. Even with

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