Technology Is A Positive Tool

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Technology Is a Positive Tool In the anthology Points of Departure by Michelle J. Brazier, two writers have compelling arguments about the influence of technology. In Ian Bremmer’s essay, Democracy in Cyberspace: What Technology Can and Cannot Do for Us, he argues that modern communications and technology are just mediums or tools because they can be used for various purposes. In Malcolm Gladwell’s essay, Small Change: Why the Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted, he argues that social networks are hurting social activism because less motivation is needed to participate in online activities than in physical activities. Gladwell would respond to Bremmer’s essay by stating that social networks and other forms of modern communications create “weak ties” because Gladwell believes that there is no genuine sacrifice when it comes to social networks and other form of modern communication and therefore no significant change will be occur. Contemporary forms of communications and technology are tools that could positively impact society because individuals can use technology to express freedom on their own terms. Technology itself will not create change because technology is an instrument, but it can be played in many different ways for example being used to engage with knowledgeable strangers. Bremmer says, “The Internet makes it easier for users with political interests to find and engage with others who believe what they believe” (44). The example Bremmer uses is political interests
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