Technology Is A Very Important Thing That Individuals Use

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Technology is a very important thing that individuals use every day. Just think about how many times you pick up your phone in a day. That number amounts up quickly. Students in elementary and high school could benefit from the use of technology in the classroom especially in Missouri. In Missouri, the Technology Student Association is trying to prove that technology at times can be used to benefit a student’s education. The Technology Student Association is a non-profit organization that is completely devoted to finding a way to help students learn. They primarily target 3,500 middle school aged students and 49 high schools in the Missouri districts. Their location is at Missouri states capitol Jefferson City. Technology is rapidly…show more content…
Even if the student in the future works at a place like Domino’s Pizza or McDonald’s you are still working with computers. You would take orders on computers and work with software every day, but the goal is to help these students set themselves up with a more solid career. Secretaries, college professors, drafting, working in factories, and construction are also careers that would require using technology. If students are taught at an early age how to use computers, it would help them tremendously in these careers. Also, if any of these high school students intend to take college classes they would need to be familiar with a computer to submit their work in their classes, sign in to their student emails, contact instructors, and often times pay their college tuition. It will definitely benefit students to work with technology in middle school and high school to prepare them for their future.
Students should be encouraged to work with technology because it will helps accommodate their needs. A learning style according to the a learning style is defined as,”an individual’s mode of gaining knowledge, especially a preferred or best method”. (, “learning style”) This means that a by using technology a student can be capable of finding out how they learn the best. It also means a “one size fits all” learning style does not exist according to
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