Technology Is An Essential Part Of All Walks Of Everyday Life

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Technology is an essential part of all walks of everyday life nearly everywhere on the planet. This is especially true in the use in education, such as engineering to create devices and how to program said devices. However, with technology comes with it the high cost of equipment, infrastructure, sparse communication avenues and energy to power it all. Several years ago intrepid group of Cambridge educators including Ebon Upton realized that we must prepare for the future demand of computer science skills in both to design and to program, but also to have a fundamental understanding of how these devices interact with the surrounding environment. In 2006 they developed a low cost, credit card sized computer called the Raspberry Pi. An…show more content…
Indeed, the “About Us” section on the Raspberry Pi Foundation website states the mission succinctly as:
“The Raspberry Pi Foundation works to put the power of digital making into the hands of people all over the world, so they are capable of understanding and shaping our increasingly digital world, able to solve the problems that matter to them, and equipped for the jobs of the future”. “We provide low-cost, high-performance computers that people use to learn, solve problems and have fun. We provide outreach and education to help more people access computing and digital making. We develop free resources to help people learn about computing and how to make things with computers, and train educators who can guide other people to learn”.
So, what is exactly is the Raspberry Pi? In short, it is a very low cost, credit card sized computer board developed in the United Kingdom. Its main purpose is to encourage discovery in learning and experimenting with code. The basic operating system is a Linux based system called Raspbian using an HMDI port as a TV interface and uses a common keyboard and mouse. Currently in the sixth configuration, Raspberry Pi 3, all of the subsequent iterations all basically consisted of input/output, CPU/GPU, 2 x

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