Technology Is An Ever Advancing Science

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Technology is an ever advancing science. Throughout time and history, it has progressed from the most primitive mechanisms to the most computerized mechanics. It has been stomping on an ever-progressing march, from which an end to it would require special instruments to see even the tiniest glimpse of. However, as the species behind such advancing technology, we must be careful with it or dire consequences lie in store. It is not exactly certain what kind of consequences would actually occur should we grow reckless with its power, but many scenarios have been imagined. However, if something were to go wrong and technology would be free from our reign, what would it do next? Without technology, where would man go? And without mankind, what would technology do? Mankind and technology are dependent on each other, in a relationship where one would be lost without the other. This necessary relationship is explored in Brian Aldiss’ “Who Could Replace Man?” c. 1958.

In the story, A field-minder robot is turning the topsoil of a field as morning dawns. It then went down to its sector’s seed-distributor to request an order of seed potatoes. However, the store for such seed potatoes to be accessed is locked. Due to the hierarchy of brain classes they have, from which the field-minder is a Class Three brain while the distributor is a Class Five, the field-minder states its supremacy to the distributor, and thus goes to see why the unlocker has not unlocked the store. It finds the
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