Technology Is An Integral Part Of Education

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In this present day of rapidly changing technology and transitioning education, our perception of learning and technology in the traditional way has to change. We as educators must adapt and make adjustments in a world that is constantly changing. I believe that technology is an integral part of society and it is here to stay; therefore, it should be an integral part of education. For that reason, schools must introduce the use of technology into learning assignments by any means necessary including professional development opportunities where teachers can learn how to use it to enrich and improve learning. Research has shown that students learn differently based on individual learning styles; for that reason, the use of technology and gaming can play a significant role in this process Therefore, educational games should be included as a viable teaching strategy to motivate students, to keep students engaged, and to increase academic achievement. Computer games are frequently used in education as a way to enhance the learning process. For this reason, instructional and educational games are being used more and more by teachers. According to Mind/ Shift: Guide to Digital Games + Learning online report, there are four types of positive influences of video games identified for the students who actively use them: cognitive, motivational, emotional, and social. Furthermore, using video games in the classroom has been shown to improve attention, focus, and reaction time. There
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