Technology Is Becoming More Advanced, Adolescents Are Using The Internet More Than Adults For Social Interactions

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Cyber Bullying

Professor Rogers

Jessica Dillard


Since technology is becoming more advanced, adolescents are using the internet more than adults for social interactions. Examples include text-messaging, social media sites, email, and sharing videos or pictures. Patti M. Valkeiiburg, Jochen Peter, and others discuss different studies that were conducted to show how the internet has changed from the 1990’s till the late 2000’s. The author’s compares the positives and negatives attached to the internet during the 90’s vs. the 2000’s. Paul and Jochen see how the internet affects adolescents and their relationships with others. Throughout my research I found that there are some positives and negatives with the usage of technology. During the adolescence stage teens are trying find out who they are and how others feel about them. The internet it can be used to make connections with others but it can be used to hurt others.

Jessica Dillard
Psychology 101
Professor Rogers
8 May 2016 Cyber Bullying Cyber Bullying is when a person who uses technology to harass, insults, or says hurtful messages towards others. This can be done on social media websites, through messages, or chat rooms. Majority of those who use social media or communicate online are youth. Because the internet is becoming more advanced and changes every day there are positives attached to using the internet but, has created a place where the words and actions of…
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