Technology Is Becoming More And More Advanced

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He said that as technology is becoming more and more advanced, some people nowadays forget how important it is to observe architecture in person, not just appreciating it through two-dimensional representations, such as photography, other sorts of graphic art pieces or paintings. It is too convenient for them to do so, but in this way, they could not receive the sensual qualities evoked by the spaces. Architecture has the ability to stimulate and awake all the senses within one, but not just vision. One has to be there at the site so as to completely perceive and understand a space, only the architecture itself can let the eyes of the users observe and appreciate freely among all the intensive details, thus perceiving the atmosphere within.

2. Atmosphere
To some extent, atmosphere is your first impression of a building or a space, it is how you instantly feel about it, the intensity and the mood you get at that very moment. Peter Zumthor mentioned that first impressions of architecture are significant, as they are something spontaneously happen in our subconscious, where we realize and get the atmosphere through our sensory organs quickly. Such immediate form of perception enables us to appreciate or reject things merely in a second. It is very true that every first impression does play an important part of one’s perception of an atmosphere. But the thing is, atmosphere can be changed over time, as there are a lot more factors that affect one’s…
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