Technology Is Becoming More Of A Dependent On People 's Lives

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Technology is becoming more of a dependent in people’s lives. Everywhere someone goes, there will likely be more than fifty percent of people there on a digital device. People are usually always seen with digital devices such as; smart phones, tablets, and laptops. This is slowly making its way to younger generations, including infants and toddlers. Now, with growing times, children are getting into this habit of always using a digital device as well. Digital devices are being used for entertainment, tools, and communication. Children are given a digital device for either entertainment, learning, or just to keep them quiet. It is really up to the parent for what the device is being used for. Children who use digital devices at a young age with parental or teacher supervision may contribute to an increase their own ability to learn. A leading cause for this would be that children are naturally curious about things. When they are given something new, the child instantly becomes interested in that item, even if it is just for a short time or perhaps for an extended period. With younger children, especially toddlers and young children, they want to look at everything that is new, sometimes shiny, and in their reach. They want to learn more about whatever it is that has their attention at that time, because their attention span is much shorter compared to their older siblings and older generations. Children around this age want the knowledge of everything that they can get their
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